воскресенье, 10 апреля 2016 г.


Hey everyone! My nam...oh god, I really don't understand all this "welcome to my blog" posts because of one constantly puzzling me thing - if you are an inspired person who wants to share all his unique creations with the world why do you use this stuff?! 😁 😂
I am not nervous.. 🙅🏽Okey?✋🏽😅 I'm just overexcited. I always feel this way when I am inspired and ready to inspire everybody else. These very moments I am like a flower before "being just a flower" 😅 keep sooo much shine and beauty to share with people. And yes, if we turned this way...inspiration is a thing that literally move my life. What is important - where do I get it from 😄 the simplest thing..the sun,guys,the sun 😍☀- my life moving power, my every day smile,my laugh -my life. My creature is toughly connected with this shiny ball ( no I can't call it so rude 👀) with the sun and in my mind it sounds like "my third parent". 

Discussed ✅ 
Soo inspiration is in me, what's next? Yes,the subject where I am going to put it in aand ahaha in this sentence I've already mentioned each of you guys. Just get it.  

I've overcome a lot thinking why do I want it - making you happy. Now I have just a thing. A thing that I can't reject. So I won't. I am here to do it with all of you my lovely ones.
Hope no state phrases. Clear inspiration and weirdness . Love you all 💋 buuuuyyyy

P.s sorry for my English

u n qualified translation "sometimes" gives us mistakes ✋🏽😂


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